Saturday, December 08, 2007

This Way to Xtobo

The test pit program at Xtobo has resumed its rapid pace, making it look feasible that there will be time for at least four to five extra pits before we shut down for the year. Unfortunately many of the pits excavated this week came up very low in terms of total artifacts found, but frequently the lack of an object can still yield information. If the data consistently shows that the small houses of Xtobo had little to no pottery, this may allow a very interesting insight into the material means of the site’s inhabitants, although it does make for slightly less exciting excavations.

Despite this lack of pottery I’m happy to report that Xtobo is garnering some attention from the archaeological community. On Friday we received a somewhat unexpected visit from a group of Mexican archaeologists, two of whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I had been hoping to attract them out for a visit for sometime, but was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen. They were all quite impressed by the many features of Xtobo, not least of all by her alluring and mysterious sacbe plaza. Opinion is steadily growing that this feature may represent an ancient market place, a theory which I do not find unpalatable, but that I had resigned myself to not being able to test this year. However, a second wave of interest in Xtobo may change that. Another group of archaeologists who are currently studying market places at ancient Maya sites has expressed interest in coming to Xtobo to also test the site. All of the details have not been smoothed out just yet, but nevertheless it is exciting to see others begin to take interest in the site.

Xtobo and I have come to an agreement however. Regardless of how famous she becomes, she promises me that she will not change. She will still treat me with same tender care which she has always shown me, a.k.a. “knock you on your behind heat,” excessively thorny plants, and all manner of biting and stinging insects. Ah Love!!!


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Hasn't the fantasticly super Dan been working anymore? I see he's not mentioned in this week's blog. Also, is it true that you left Dan alone with the workers while you went off and toured the site with the other archaeologists and then introduced him as Dan from Ucu? What is going on here?!!

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