Saturday, November 10, 2007

Han Solo has saved the day!

So for those of you who have not memorized the original Star Wars movie, like Candy and myself, let’s go through a brief recap of the finale. As our protagonist, Luke Skywalker, zooms along the Death Star trench seeking to fire that perfect shot, which will destroy the entire station, he is beset from behind by a squadron of TIE fighters. Just when it seems certain that he will be blown from the sky, Han Solo sweeps into view dispersing the ever closing TIE fighters, and thus allowing Luke to get off that perfect shot, thus saving future of the rebellion against the evil empire.

Well my very own Han Solo has swept in to keep my very own rebellion alive a well. After four months of mapping and hacking through the monte, my parents insisted on a recuperative trip back to the homestead. It has been a very good break, and quite restorative, which will allow me to plunge full throttle into the new excavations come Monday morning.

We did work for the first two days this week, officially completing the mapping process at Xtobo. It’s likely there are more buildings out there in the forest, but they will have to wait for another season. We’ve successfully mapped more than 67 hectares, and 362 buildings (plus those sacbe things). It’s been quite a ride, and there’s little doubt that the excavations will prove to be just as strange and challenging.


Blogger Candy Griffin said...

I think we should do a Star Wars tie-in to the blog every week. Not that it's not already interesting, but I sure am enjoying the Star Wars-ness.
Are you going to be in Merida still in late January when we're there? I want the tour of Xtobo!

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