Friday, October 26, 2007

100% Correct!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to take this opportunity to state that my blog entry from last week was 100% correct. I told you all that the sacbe-like structures emerging from the scrub-forest were quite possibly a form of boundary marker between the sites of Xtobo and Kintunich. I also said that in one week I would likely recant that conclusion. Well I stand before you today (or rather reach out to you via the netherworld of cyberspace) to tell you that I was right, I knew exactly what I was talking about. I can proudly say today that I have completely changed my mind as to the function of said sacbe-like structures. Of course they weren’t a boundary marker between Xtobo and Kintunich, how silly. (Now if only Dan would stop saying “I told you so.”)

What has brought about this revelation you may ask? Well, a fourth sacbe has been spotted beneath the burgeoning growth. It still has yet to be cleared off, but enough of it has been seen to state with some certainty that it forms a fourth side to our previously three sided square. This is a very unusual, if not unique, structure within the Maya world. What we have seems to be a four sided plaza, defined on each side by a low wide mound, looking very much like a sacbe. There are some gaps and holes in the defining edges, but we can’t quite explain why that may be just yet. The interior regions of the plaza continue to be largely empty, further confounding any reliable explanation as to the structure’s purpose. The word that seems to keep jumping from people’s tongues is market, and while it is certainly possible that this represents a defined market space, that is a very difficult concept to prove.

As my lovely sister-in-law has pointed out, I have been more than remiss in providing you all with pictures of Xtobo in action. I’m afraid that I do not have any pictures of Sacbe Mixtu’ux, or the other sacbe-like structures. I will need to take some for thoroughness’ sake, however, let’s just say that Xtobo is a bit camera shy. She is a beautiful, mysterious lady, but she is also very coy. She does not like to let the whole world see her charms, without paying the price of a personal visit. Or if you prefer the blunt description, its all a bunch of rubble covered in greenery that wont photograph worth a @!*&!#@^%@!*. Nevertheless, I have cobbled together some of the better images so far from this season. You can find them by following the link found below.


Blogger Catherine said...

Thanks for the pictures! I especially like the gringa with a machete. Very impressive! Can't wait to see you over the holidays and hear more about your exploits. From the sounds of it, you've found a very impressive (not to mention challenging) site.

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