Saturday, August 11, 2007

Scott Johnson Wears Old Lady’s Clothes

He really does, I swear! He told us all about it, I don’t know why, but he did. I mean Dan and I tried to change the subject, but no he just kept going on and on about it.

On an unrelated point, Scott will be leaving us this coming Wednesday. He still has two more days in the field at Xtobo, but his time is wearing thin. As my friend Crorey would say, Scott has worked like a Greek through out this field season. (Apparently the saying is “He works like a Trojan,” but as Crorey says it was the Greeks who rowed all the way over to Troy and built the horse and all, while all the Trojans did was sit behind their walls. Well I guess Hector did a few things, but that’s beside the point. Even more beside the point is that I have never heard anyone beside Crorey use either version of the saying.) The point being Scott has given more than his all this season, and I could not thank him enough for it. He’s been there at pre-dawn 5:50 am, loading up the truck. He’s been there for every sting, scratch, bite, and plant induced rash produced by the friendly environment of Xtobo. And he keeps asking every night if there’s more he can do. On top of all that he fixed my microwave.

Progress at Xtobo has been very rapid this year (you know putting aside all that months of waiting for a permit stuff), and that has been in large part due to Scott’s efforts. He will be missed by those of us who carry on at the site. And although he may not admit it, I’m sure he will miss the early mornings, the hostile environment, and of course the pleasant company of me and Dan.

Best of luck Scott!


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